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Smart and safe solutions for chemical products


Pack your products safely

Protecting from the inside out
Packaging sensitive products like chemicals calls for extra care. Luckily, at Masterpack, that’s already our standard. We protect products and their environments against any risks of damage and contamination.

Inside the packaging, we make sure that moisture levels are regulated to keep the chemical composition intact. 

The right bag for every product
We have a wide range of bags available that minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge hazards, and we can safely pack high-temperature and hazardous products.

Quality control done right
We continuously evaluate and check our packaging solutions, to make sure all standards and requirements are being met. In our production facilities and R&D center, we work with expert teams and excellent technology to ensure your products and the people working with them are safe. 


Our packing solutions

High-end finc´s

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Modified atmosphere packaging

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